Underwear for pregnant women and young mothers

RelaxMaternity is a complete assortment of seamless underwear for pregnant women and young mothers, dedicated to all pregnant women and young mothers who, in spite of the search for underwear that meets their specific needs, require quality, comfort and well-being.

When designing RelaxMaternity's underwear, RelaxSan used all the experience from the production of gradually compression stockings. Thanks to this experience, RelaxMaternity's underwear is of top quality, made with advanced technology and designed to give women maximum functionality, comfort and hygiene protection.

RelaxMaternity program consists of several models of cotton products:

Over The Bump Maternity Knickers

High-waist postpartum control knickers

Support Nursing Bra


RelaxMaternity underwear is specially designed to help a woman face physical changes that occur during pregnancy, and in particular helps:

• To support the increased weight of parts that are subject to increased volume.

• To prevent excessive elongation of muscle fibers, to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin.

• For the prevention of loose skin and muscle tissue.

• For proper weight distribution to reduce fatigue and maintain proper body restraint.

• Restore muscle tone during the postpartum period.

• Protects the skin, which becomes sensitive and delicate during pregnancy, from friction and bacterial infections.

 Cotton fiber

The underwear for pregnant women and young mothers is made of cotton fabric

 The cotton fabric gives maximum softness, adjustability and stretchability of the underwear, and allows gradual adjustment of the changes in the size of the stomach, buttocks and breasts during pregnancy.

 The cotton fibers come in direct contact with the skin and allow the skin to breathе, absorb the sweat and perform a kind of disinfection and prevent allergy.

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