CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose measurement devices!

CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose meters are highly precise, safe and easy to use!

MultiPulse technology evaluates a single sample multiple times through 7 pulses for proven accurate results.

No Coding eliminates the measurement error options due to incorrect encoding of the glucose meter.

Second-Chance Sampling allows you to apply more blood to help prevent wasting a test strip.

The results obtained with CONTOUR® PLUS glucose meters are in accordance with the new ISO 15197: 2013 standard, which of the blood glucose meters requires high precision in the measurements.

And not only that:

CONTOUR® PLUS glucose meters exceed the precision requirements of the new ISO 15197: 2013 standard, which instructs 95% of the measured values ​​to be within ± 0.83 mmol / l for glucose values ​​lower than 5.5 mmol / l, respectively ± 15% mmol / L for glucose values ​​equal to or greater than 5.55 mmol / l.

The automatic correction of the effect of hematocrit and the improved algorithm in combination with the Multi Pulse Technology allows precision in the measurement of a wide range of hematocrit values ​​from 0 to 70% and in the presence of many substances that can disrupt the correct operation of the apparatus for blood glucose measurement (for example, uric acid, maltose, paracetamol, vitamin C, etc.). It also neutralizes the influence of other sources on the measurement result, such as temperature, hematocrit, measurement technique, etc.

The "Sip-in" ® technology allows for a very simple and secure blood test on the test strips, and only 0.6 μl of blood is needed.

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