Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions 

The mediko.mk website is a web portal for promotion of products and services that enables users to search, compare and purchase quality products and services. As a visitor and user, we make it clear that the use of the contents of the website, as well as the transactions made, are subject to certain terms and conditions, for which we ask you, before using the mediko.mk site, carefully read the terms and rules listed below. mediko.mk assumes no liability if the user has not read the terms and conditions of use and purchase. 

General terms

By visiting or buying through the website mediko.mk, it is understood that you have agreed to the terms and conditions listed below. mediko.mk reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, depending on the market conditions and needs, without prior notice to the users of the site. The new terms and conditions come into force immediately after the publication of the mediko.mk website.

mediko.mk assumes no responsibility if the user of the website has not read the publicly available information and conditions for using this web site. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this website, simply do not use it and we would like to ask you to visit one of the retail outlets that are published on our website, where the products promoted on this website are also sold.

All contents of this website, including the form, layout, images, information, design and all available data, are intellectual property of mediko.mk and are protected by copyright and related rights. The downloading of information, data and images, their distribution, transfer or use of the link from this site is forbidden without the consent of the author. The shared information on this web site is informative. We will always advocate the accuracy of the information, but it is possible that there are deviations and omissions in the information, depending on the source of the information.

 For all products we will try to have a picture available, as an illustration of the appearance and shape of the product.

 In order to satisfy your needs and requirements, mediko.mk will advocate for availability on its website 24 hours a day. In case of temporary unavailability or interruption of access to the website due to technical or external influences beyond the control of mediko.mk, we can not assume any responsibility and guarantee a permanent access.

 Terms and Conditions of Purchase

 The prices of all mediko.mk products are expressed in denars with VAT included.

 mediko.mk reserves the right to change prices at any time, without notice to users. Price correction will not be executed if the order is accepted. The buyer is obliged to pay the price, which is offered at the time of execution of the order, regardless of the fact that the price can be changed in the meantime.

 For the purchase of products through mediko.mk apply the standard retail prices, as well as all discounts and promotions published on the website. Retail outlets posted on our website reserve the right to their own pricing policy, and their prices apply exclusively in those retail outlets. The quantities of products are limited, and accordingly, a particular order may be canceled due to depletion of inventory. The buyer can choose one or more products from the mediko.mk offer. The buyer may cancel, supplement or correct the order at any time before making the payment. Registration is not obligatory for the realization of the order, but when ordering, identification info, contact phone number, and delivery address are mandatory. Upon completion of the order, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided to confirm the order. In case of any technical problems with the website, mediko.mk has the right to reject the order or to terminate the purchase process, and we are not obliged to make any indemnity, except for the refund of the paid funds by the buyer.

 You can make the purchase by paying cash in the premises of Temat Dooel or when delivering the order, as well as via a payment slip. For more information about payment methods, we direct you to visit the "Payment Methods" page on our website.

 Customer support

 For any information and questions regarding the products promoted on the website and in connection with the realization of internet sales, you can call on the phone 070-221-358 which is available from 09:00 to 17:00 or contact us via our e-mail address info@mediko.mk

Product delivery policy

We provide delivery services only within the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. All products will be delivered to the delivery address you must provide when creating the order. You can also surprise your loved ones and ask for delivery at their address, stating their address as delivery address.

The delivery price is 200 denars, VAT included 18%, except for products for which there is a promotion for free delivery.

The delivery period is depending on the delivery location. Estimated delivery time is 24-72 hours from the moment of confirming the payment by the bank. In accordance with our possibilities, the product will be delivered to you as soon as possible. mediko.mk reserves the right to extend the delivery deadline in a previous agreement with the buyer. Delivery is done through our distribution partners. Delivery on Saturday after 3 pm, Sunday and public holidays is not performed. Before the delivery of the product, the buyer will be contacted by phone, to the phone number left for contact, to confirm the date and time of delivery. If the order is made after 17 o'clock, it will be checked by our side the next working day, and after receiving a confirmation of the successful transaction, the delivery period begins to run. If the order is made on Friday after 16 o'clock, Saturday, Sunday or on a non-working day, this procedure starts from the first following working day. Weekends and non-working days are not calculated within the delivery deadline. The delivery of the product is carried out at the specified delivery address by the buyer. Every buyer is obliged to check for transport damage during the takeover of the product, and in case of multiple products, check that a product is missing. If the product is delivered damaged or a certain product is missing from the purchase order, the buyer should notify the delivery person  as well as inform us immediately through the "Returns" page on our website, in order to take measures to remove the unintentional error. In this case, the cost of replacing the product will not be borne by the buyer. In the event that the buyer wants to return the product, not by our fault or fault of the delivery company, and wants to return the paid amount of the product, then the cost of transport will be deducted from the final amount. If the buyer wishes to replace the product, he must keep it undamaged, unpacked and unused, along with all attached documents. If there is a delay in delivery by the company that is engaged in the delivery of the delivery, mediko.mk can not assume any responsibility.

Receiving products

The product (s) shall be delivered to the front door of the house, ie to the entrance of the apartment building, or to the nearest depot of the distribution partner, depending on the address provided  for delivery. The product (s) are packed in appropriate boxes, as protection against possible damage and are ensured from loss or damage during transport. At the time of acceptance of the product (s), you are obliged to review them and immediately report if there is any external damage to the product (s). Any objection should be directed to the person who delivers the parcel, and you should also notify us via the "Returns" page on our website, otherwise all subsequent claims regarding external product damage will not be accepted. Together with the receipt of the product (s), you must also receive accompanying documentation that may consist (depending on the type of product (s)) from: user manual, warranty card, and delivery note that you are required to sign.

Return and replacement of products

The buyer has the right to return the purchased product within a period of 7 days from the date of delivery, provided that the returnable product is in the same physical condition in which it is delivered, unpacked and unused, with all the labels and markings it had on receipt. Funds will be returned to you on the same bank account that you used when paying the product. According to the Law on Consumer Protection, the buyer has the right to replace the product that has the appropriate quality and which does not correspond with the form, size, model, color or number. In case you want to return the product, you need to fill out the form on the "Returns" page and provide us with more information on the reasons why you are returning the product. With the set-up request for product return, you will receive an authorization number, and your request will be reviewed and processed. In the event that the buyer returns the product, for reasons that are not our fault or for the fault of the delivery company, and wishes to return the paid amount, the product can be returned to the premises of Temat Dooel, ul. New Delhi 5/21, Skopje, or send it by mail / cargo, with the shipping costs for returning to the buyer's account. Also, when returning products, the final amount of the paid amount will also be reduced for the transport cost for delivery of the products.

The consumer may exercise the right of substitution within 15 days from the day the product was purchased. Replacement of the product with the appropriate quality is done if the product was not used, if the appearance of the product, the used properties, seals, factory labels, as well as the fiscal account or invoice delivery note that were issued to the consumer with the product are preserved. If, at the moment of submitting a request from the consumer, the seller does not have a suitable product (a product that suits his / her needs), the consumer has the right at his own choice to require him to terminate the contract and request refund of the paid amount, with a note that from the the amount paid will be deducted the cost of transport for delivery of the product. In the event that the buyer returns the product, for reasons that are not our fault or for the fault of the delivery company, and wishes to return the paid amount, the product can be returned to the premises of Temat Dooel, ul. New Delhi 5/21, Skopje, or send it by mail / cargo, with the shipping costs for returning to the buyer's account.


The products that are promoted through the mediko.mk website are of top quality and quality assurance confirmed by the manufacturer.

Guarantee cards are only issued for products of technical character (hearing instruments) with a warranty period specified by the manufacturer. The warranty card contains a warranty statement and warranty terms that are binding on the validity of the warranty of the product.

The guarantee will not apply if:

- No warranty card or proof of purchase is available (fiscal receipt or invoice delivery note)

- There are attempts to repair the product from unauthorized services

- There are damages or defects caused by improper use of the product

- There is physical damage to the product

The product warranty does not cover accessories and components that have a limited shelf life.

By using the website mediko.mk it is understood that the user / buyer is familiar with and agrees with the terms and conditions for using the website mediko.mk, and commits to respect them in its entirety.